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I love sharing knolwedge as much as I do with public speaking. Check out my talks and podcasts on various topics like JavaScript, React, Open Source, Blogging, Web Development, Full-Stack, and more.

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Here are my 25 talks so far. I hope you enjoy listening to them.


Mastering JavaScript Functions And Excelling In Your Career | Tapas Adhikary on Code Ryan Podcast

On 2023-10-18

Ryan Solomon hosts Tapas Adhikary on his YouTube channel to discuss JavaScript Functions and Career. Take a look into this fun podcast.


Get Your Hands Dirty with Open Source | Tapas Adhikary on NamasteDev

On 2023-09-23

Tapas Adhikary will lead a hands-on session, followed by an engaging QnA about Open-Source. It is the perfect opportunity to learn, ask questions, and dive deeper into the world of Open-Source.


Data Fetching in Modern Apps Using Next.js - CityJS Conference

On 2023-09-15

This talk at CityJS conference unfolds the data fetching concepts for moder applications in details.


Decoding API documentation: Insights and Challenges from Developers

On 2023-09-02

Decoding API Documentation: Insights and Challenges from a Developer Viewpoint by Tapas Adhikary


Learn Next.js with App Router Practically

On 2023-08-24

Learn how to get started with the Next.js App router


React Server Components at JS Lovers Bangalore Meetup

On 2023-07-22

React 18 has introduced React Server Components a while back, but yet, the topic is not well explored. Let us learn from this live talk.


Elegant UI updates using Transition(React18) at React Nexus 2023

On 2023-07-07

The useTransition hook from React 18 helps the usability, and response of the application. Let us learn.


Fool Stack vs Full Stack at DevConf 1.0(Learn With Sumit), Bangladesh

On 2023-05-27

Full Stack is a dream for some, and joke for many! This talk explains it how.


Is Nurturing Foss: A Community Effort? - FOSS United Meetup

On 2023-05-20

It is a Panel Discussion where panel members have shared thought-provoking ideas and viewpoints!!


Getting Remote Jobs via Open Source & Learning in Public

On 2022-11-26

The Open Source Cafe hosted by Kunal Kushwaha about getting started with open source, technical writing & building in public.


How to write a professional Resume - Resume tips for web developers.

On 2022-11-25

An excellent resume has the power to open doors. Your resume describes your qualifications and what makes you unique.


Accessing Cloudinary with GraphQL in Gatsby

On 2022-11-22

Learn about the background story of the Imaginary project with Tapas Adhikary and the Cloudinary team.


FOSS Meetup NOV 2022 - The other side of Open Source: A Project Maintainer story

On 2022-11-14

In this FOSS meet up we discussed about Open Source from Maintainer perspectives.


Learning to Code With Open Source Projects[Coding After Thirty]

On 2022-10-15

Learning To Code With Open Source Projects [ best way to learn to code and get a job ]


How to Contribute to ReactPlay - Open Source Made Simple

On 2022-08-23

A podcast by Sanskar Goyal in conversation w/ Tapas Adhikary and Koustov about ReactPlay.


FOSS INDIA 2.0: ReactPlay by Tapas Adhikary

On 2022-07-23

Introduction to ReactPlay: An Open Source platform.


Community Spotlight: React Play with Tapas

On 2022-06-17

Let us learn about the React play, an exciting open-source platform to learn React while building projects.


20minJS(Episode 17) - React Hooks with Tapas Adhikary

On 2022-06-04

An amazing podcast to talk about React Hooks, in and out.


OSCAFEST - Technical Writing Made Easy

On 2022-06-02

Talk about the path to technical writing and how to make money from it.


Building an Image Gallery with React and Uploadcare APIs

On 2022-04-30

It is a workshop for ReactJs developers


How to create engaging Tech Content for the community? - This is Tech Talks.

On 2022-04-15

A candid chat on how to get started with blogging and creating engaging content.


Intro to JavaScript Asynchronous Programming

On 2022-01-14

Asynchronous JavaScript is widely misunderstood. Come join me in this talk to unfold it and understand in the beginner-friendly way.


How to Start Gatsby Documentation with Docz with Tapas Adhikary | Coffee & Code

On 2021-10-04

Coding & Coffee ☕️ is an exclusive up-skilling series for developers who want to learn and grow.


Why Developers Should Blog: The Importance of Side Projects

On 2021-02-13

How sharing knowledge through blogging and other side projects is an integral part of the personal development process.


Blogging as a developer -- Hashnode Interviews

On 2020-07-25

What does it mean to Blogging as a Developer. An Interview with Hashnode.