React Server Components at JS Lovers Bangalore Meetup

Tapas Adhikary

Tapas Adhikary

July 22, 2023

1 min read

About the talk

In late 2020, the React team introduced the "Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components" concept. Since then, the React developer community tried to understand, experiment, and apply the forward-looking approach of React.

React has changed how we used to think of building UI, and the new mental model using React Server Components is way more structured, convenient, high on user experience, and way better maintainable.

The latest release of Next.js has decided to go ahead with the "Thinking in Server Components" way. The React developer community must adapt to this new mental model to fully leverage its power in building applications.

We will learn about React Server Components(RSC) in this article. We will be familiar with its definition and, more importantly, what problem it solves. We will see many examples to justify the needs of RSC.

Finally, we will learn the difference between React Server Components with another "similar-sound" but different aspects called Server Side Rendering(SSR).

The Talk