About Me

Hey, I'm Tapas

This quote is very close to my heart.

In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others.

I'm a developer, content creator in the areas of Modern Web Development and building SaaS products. I work as a senior manager(UI/UX) and user interface architect at Microfocus. After spending 17+ years in software engineering, I feel there can be lots with my experience.

I am passionate about sharing my technical knowledge using my blog and youtube channel. I love contributing to opensource and developing opensource tools. I also write about opensource products. It is always a pleasure connecting with many of the mentees discussing career development, side projects, and content creation.

On the personal front, I grew up in a small village in India and am currently based out of Bangalore. I'm happily married for a decade now, and we have a cute little daughter keeping us busy always. Btw, It's not always about coding and writing. I equally love cooking and singing, and I am the best judge of it most of the time!

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