Elegant UI updates using Transition(React18) at React Nexus 2023

Tapas Adhikary

Tapas Adhikary

July 07, 2023

1 min read

About the talk

ReactJS 18 is a game changer by including startTransition and useTransition. We will cover:

  • The problem in hands.
  • What is Concurrency at a high-level
  • What is Transition
  • How Transition helps
  • Introduce startTransition, useTransition, useDeferredValue
  • Show Examples and Code.


  • To educate React developers about rendering and updates.
  • How to handle high-priority and low-priority updates.
  • What does ReactJS v18 offer for it?
  • Show examples to compare before vs after

Key Takeaways:

  • Awareness of what's new in the language.
  • The better handling of UI updates.
  • How to use the hooks useTransition, useDeferredValue
  • What is setTransition
  • How to apply these concepts correctly?

The Talk